Monday, August 21, 2017

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10 things 

Hello fam! Comin at ya one last time here in good old England. 
It has been such an incredible week with so much love and so many great memories. I can't wait to tell you about them in person :):) 

A lot of people have asked, "how/why did you do it?" I think for me it all goes back to the Saviour. He completed His mission because He loves us, and I completed mine because I love Him. He gave His whole life for us, the least I could do is give 18 months for Him. 

It blows my mind that these 18 months are actually over. It is so incredibly bittersweet. 
10 things my mission has taught me:

1.      My Heavenly Father loves me. It doesn't matter if I choose the right or wrong, He still loves me no matter what. But when I choose the right He let's me feel that love more often. Knowing and feeling this has been the most rewarding and motivating thing on my mission. Feeling God's love for me has helped me to keep going and helped me to want other people to feel it too.
2.      I have realised how important it is to fully live the gospel each day. To read the scriptures, pray sincerely, and attend church each week. By doing these little things they make such a difference. They help us to have the spirit with us constantly and helps us find solutions to the problems we face today. 
3.      How much the scriptures relate to me today! It's amazing that these stories and things that happened ages ago apply to our lives when we read with the spirit. So much guidance and counsel is waiting for us in our scriptures. 
4.      If you can make it to the sacrament you can make it to anything. There is so much healing and power when we worthily take the sacrament each week. It truly connects us to our Saviour & lets us have the guiding power of the Holy Ghost. 
5.      Jesus Christ's Atonement is so much more than repentance. It brings hope, comfort, peace, and allows us to live with our families again. It has been the ultimate thing that has helped me to complete what I have  been called to do. 
6.      Heavenly Father does answer our prayers. He cares about each one of us and wants to help! We just need to let Him in. Sometimes He doesn't answer in ways we think, but He will answer in ways we understand because He knows us best. 
7.      Trials and challenges aren't just because we have done something wrong. Sometimes it is because Heavenly Father trusts us and wants us to learn and grow. 
8.      Missionary work is so much more than knocking doors and scheduling people for baptism, yes those are important things but the most important thing is to love & serve those around you, just like Christ did.
9.      Time flies! I have realised how fast time goes and it has helped me to enjoy where I am at in life and cherish each moment. 
10.   I can do hard things! Heavenly Father has really pushed me to my limits these past 18 months, but everything I have been through has made me stronger and has better prepared me for what is to come. My mission has made me realise I am so weak without the constant help of my Saviour and Father in Heaven. 

"I have fought a good ​​​fight​, I have ​​​finished​ ​my​ course, I have kept the faith."
2 Timothy 4:7 

And I am so so excited to see all of you so soon! Watch out Utah I'm comin for ya 

Love your missionary, 
Sister Stevens 

18 months!!!

Goodbyes :(

Billingham goodbyes :(

Darlo Goodbyes :(

Sat. Toby Carvery ;(2

Surprise goodbye nice!!!


Cherry on Top!  Warren

We are all good and together and happy!
Lisel and Cayden back together at the mission home before flight home together

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