Monday, July 3, 2017


What a crazy and interesting week! 

We had to travel to York on Thursday and ended up staying practically the whole day. I had a doctors appointment because I have been having this pain in my side really bad. So I went to the appointment and then he sent me straight to the hospital to have a scan because he said my kidney was inflamed. The doctor who did the scan said there was nothing wrong and sent me back to the other doctor who put me on pain meds and antibiotics. The rest of the week was a blur because the medicine made me so itchy and loopy. I wonder sometimes why I have had so many weird medical problems on my mission and why I have to deal with them now when I could be working so much harder and doing more, but I know that Heavenly Father has a greater plan and that everything will work out just how He wants it to. He can see the whole picture whereas we can only see a tiny little part. 

The members have been great! I have been praying to have closer relationships to them and all these health problems are bringing us closer! Haha so thats been good. One member even brought us dinner the other night when we couldn't go out. I am so thankful for ward families wherever you go! 

Josh was baptised! It was such a special night! One of his friends from young mens spoke and it made Josh so happy and all the missionaries who were there sang A Child's Prayer. And he even brought a nonmember friend! We are hoping to start teaching her soon. When he was confirmed the next day at church I felt the Spirit so strongly and I realised that this is going to help him and his family so much. I am so happy for them!

I got a call from the sisters serving in Leeds saying that one of my investigators I taught for 6 months is getting baptised this weekend! It made me so happy! It has been a year since then I was in Leeds! 

I am so thankful for the priesthood and for personal revelation. I know Heavenly Father still speaks to us today and doesn't want us to be confused. He wants us to have answers to our questions and know what path to take! I know He loves us so much.

Sorry not too many things have been going on over here this week but I am still smiling :)
Hope you all have a great 4th of July!!!! 

Love, Sister Stevens 

Josh's Baptism

The after party