Monday, October 3, 2016

Conference Weekend!

Hi everybody :)

I'll just start off by saying I am so grateful for this conference
weekend we have had. I have been uplifted and inspired. And I hope you
all did too! I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary
and watch general conference because I am truly understanding the
importance of listening to our Prophets voice! I just want to share a
couple highlights I loved from conference.

First of all I love the overall message that sharing the gospel is a
JOY! We are sharing the truth and light that comes from Heavenly
Father's perfect Plan of Happiness! This is the TRUTH and we have it!
Our loving Father will do nothing save it be for our benefit.
Everything we go through, all our heartaches and pain are for our
good. He knows you and loves you and wants you to succeed, all you
need to do is trust in Him, His timing, and do all you can to follow

I am grateful for the opportunity to be His hands. I have been praying
for help on how I can be a better instrument and I know that by
serving and loving others I am doing what I have been called to do. I
am here to bring JOY to my brothers and sisters. Everyone, no matter
their circumstances is qualified for our Father and Savior's love and
joy. We just need to help them find it and we do that by being
examples, sharing our testimonies, and serving those around us. Can
you pray for a desire to share the gospel? Can you pray for
inspiration for what you can do individually in your circumstances?
Elder Dallin H. Oaks gave some great counsel on how we can
individually share the gospel!

One thing that really stuck out to me was something that was said in
the closing prayer of one of the sessions, "please help us be
different after these 2 days." How will you be different after hearing
the words of our leaders?

Hehehe we had a very interesting evening. Actually it was quite
hilarious. So we were headed home for the night when we get a call
from the other sisters asking if we had left the door open and lights
on... Of course we didn't so we started to get nervous. We get to our
flat and sister Blair went up the stairs a bit and heard some
footsteps, she ran back out as fast as she could out of there. We
called our zone leaders right then and some members who lived near.
Our zone leaders somehow were in our area (they had followed the
spirit) and were there in minutes! It was such a miracle. They went
and checked everything out and the person had left. But the back door
was unlocked so that was how he escaped. We were all a bit nervous
that night but we knew we were and still are being protected!

But it was a great week! We were able to commit A to the path to
happiness, or in other words baptism. And we are trying to resolve her
deep concerns. We have come to realise that Heavenly Father is in
charge and each person is on their own conversion time. All we can do
is try our best and ask Heavenly Father for help to know what to say
and do to help!

Because of my love for my Father in Heaven and my love for my family I
WILL ENDURE. And I hope all of you will too!
Last day with Sister Manning :(
I love you all and I truly truly appreciate all the emails. It makes a

Love, Sister Stevens

our attempt to make Nan's cinnamon rolls...LOL
they took a lot longer than we thought, so we went
to bed at 10:30 to be obedient and then set an alarm
at 11:30 to take them out of the oven.  It was defs a bless
we will try again sometime in the future :)

a member who too us to tea :)

ward coordination

haha...a member was wearing this t-shirt

making some popcorn