Monday, February 27, 2017

finding JOY

To my family & friends, 

Sunday (the best day) selfie in our car :):):)
It's been a crazy but good week :) So my new companion is Sister Sorensen. We had a middle of the transfer transfer so we could be together since we are both facing some health challenges. We have had a bit more time to study and rest but it's such a blessing because I really feel like we are still able to make a difference and do exactly what Heavenly Father meeds us to. Because we have limited time outside we always pray who Heavenly Father wants us to see. A lot of the time I think it's just my own thought or Sister Sorensen's own thought but really it all comes from the Holy Ghost, we just have to be worthy of it. We have been reading the New Testament together, trying to learn and understand more about our Saviour and who he is and how he can heal us. I have recognised that healing doesn't always mean healing of my body, but it can mean a healing of my spirit. Because of my faith my heart is whole, my spirit is whole, and I still have the desire to serve and stay on my mission. And that can only come through my Saviour Jesus Christ. Through this constant pain I am learning to have more compassion and empathy. Trials can truly help us to become more Christlike. 
Now, please don't think I am all perfect and everything is great. Each day is such a challenge, I continue to make mistakes and focus on myself more than I should. I wonder when this will be over and how much I really can bare. But because of the Atonement, I can always change and become better each day. I think that is the best gift we have received. It's just up to us if we use it! 
I have such a testimony that Heavenly Father knows each of our situations and will help & do all He can so we can be happy and have joy!
Something I learned at church yesterday was this acronym:
J- Jesus
O- others 
Y- you 
I love it! When we put Christ first and then others we will feel true JOY! I have really recommitted myself to turning outward to focus on others and my Saviour (obviously this is something I will need to recommit myself to regularly).  Not much joy comes when we are so focused on ourselves and when we dwell on the hard things in life. 
Once again I am so thankful for the sabbath day and the opportunity to take the sacrament! 
In one of the talks a new member of the bishopric read Matthew 26:40 and it hit me pretty hard. This is when Christ was suffering in the garden of Gethsemane and He asks His apostles to stay awake but they end up falling asleep:
"40 And he cometh unto the disciples, and findeth them asleep, and saith unto Peter, What, could ye not watch with me one hour?"
Can we not just follow and do the things He has asked for one hour or for one lifetime? He has suffered FOR US! To save us, to heal us, to comfort us, to redeem us, to strengthen us, to enable us, and to help us return once more to our Father in Heaven. Realising this it has caused me to study more and to serve Him more diligently. 

On a lighter note Sister Sorensen and I are finding ways to keep our spirits high and escape our worries for a bit. We can be found cruising the streets of Billingham wearing batman masks in our spiffing new car handing out rice crispies, possibly eating half of them along the way. Helping members identify that they don't have any friends. Hahaha it's hilarious we've been trying to help them share the gospel with their friends and apparently they don't have any! But don't worry by this time next week we will have trained them all in the art of friend making. 

I am thankful for the goodness and the love from our Father in Heaven each and everyday. He loves us so much! I hope you can all feel of God's love. If not pray for it and you will be able to feel it more in your life!
We are happy, hanging on, and just doing what we can. 

Make it a great week!
Love, Sister Stevens & Sister Sorensen xx 
what we give our investigator who is sick but tryna eat healthy

District plus the assistants at Zone Conf...before Sister Sorensen came

lol...tea at a members home.  Her dog is literally INSANE

rice krispie treats and batman masks

missionary couple bought us this from Costco in Leeds :)

all our fruits and veggies.  We are eating healthy :):):)