Sunday, June 12, 2016

Zone Conference

It poured rain this week!
Sister T, Me, Sister Pugsley, Sister Chiu
So this week was zone conference and president lets us write to him and our families about what we got out of it and what we are going to do about what we have learned. I was an ALL day event and so fun because half the mission was there so we got to see a lot of missionaries! Also I gave the opening prayer so that was a big scary haha. Anyway, I'll just copy and paste what I wrote to him :) 

Well, this was my first zone conference as a missionary and it was amazing! It was great to see all the other missionaries and to think they are sharing the gospel everyday just like I am is so inspiring. 
One thing that stuck out to me was when you and Sister Pilkington gave your talks on Joseph Smith and Jesus Christ. I learned so many new things about everything they went though for this gospel. It inspired me so much how they were able to be so selfless and obedient to our Father in Heaven. It makes me feel so grateful to be able to live in a place where we can practice our religion and share it with others. It makes me want to share it more because they went through so much so we can have it today! I felt the spirit so strongly when you and Sister Pilkington bore testimony that you know Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ and that he truly was a prophet of God. 
I loved how you related missionary work to war and how we leave our comforts and our homes to go fight this battle against the adversary. It is going to be tough but we have been blessed with this knowledge and blessed with these resources to share it with the people in England. I'm packing up my troubles in my old kit bag and smiling because there is no use in worrying. 
The thing that I felt impressed to focus on is giving. You talked a lot about giving and it is something that I really need to work on. I have been given so much, to grow up in a home where the gospel has always been top priority and to have a testimony of Jesus Christ. My parents have taught me and there is no way I can repay them personally. But with the knowledge that I have I can give it to someone else and help them find answers to their prayers and comfort. We won't ever be able to enjoy life if we do not give what we have received! So I will give my heart more to the people I am working with, the members, the missionaries, and the investigators and help them feel love from me and my Savior Jesus Christ. The same love my parents have always shown me. I will treat everyone I talk to with First Class service and help them feel confident with themselves. I am not here because of myself, I am here to serve the Lord and by loving those I am dealing with I will be serving the Lord. 
This last week we have dealt with a very difficult situation with one of our investigators. He accused me of not caring about him and not liking him. He told me the other sisters would have known how to help him. It was really hard for me because he made me feel like I was an awful missionary and that I wasn't good enough. Which is exactly how satan wants me to feel. But your advice of not going to Carmel really truly helped me and gave me some revelation. I need to forget about myself, who cares if he says those things about me. I will do what Christ would do and be the bigger person. I will handle him with love and care and do my best to serve him. I'm not here to be liked, I am here to help others come closer to Christ and our Heavenly Father. I could forget about him and just let him be, but I am choosing to reach out to him and help him. I forgave him and I will not go to Carmel. So, thank you President, for saving me from going to Carmel. We all make mistakes and do things we aren't proud of but there is always redemption thanks to our Savior who paid the price for all of us. 

Thank you for all the work you and Sister Pilkington put into this conference. It was inspired and so uplifting. You both are such amazing examples of working hard and doing your absolute best. I look up to you and Sister Pilkington with so much respect. Thank you again!
Love, Sister Stevens

this week has been good but slow haha. i'm back in the flat because sister t. is now very sick. we went to the emergency room the other night to see what was wrong. I guess she has like a mix of hayfever and some virus (man, england and their viruses...) but its getting worse so we might have to go back to the doctor.. we will see. so lots of time trying to call former investigators and reading the book of mormon and other books. lots of studing time :):) and a couple naps here and there ha can't complain. but i am excited to get back out there. not sure when though. but things are great in leeds! i love the sisters i am living with now. we are becoming a family again and sister puglsey and i get a long really really well. we are like the same person and i feel like we had the same childhood too. she comes from a family just like ours! and i just love sister chiu so much. we laugh so hard all the time she is hilarious and im learning some chinese words :):)

well, love you so much! I'll email again on monday cant wait to hear from you! :)

love sister stevens

Outside our flat

Cayden and Sister Pro met!

My new zone leader was Cayden's Trainer