Monday, November 14, 2016

Que Semana!!!

Hola mi familia! 
What a week!! (my subject)

It has been amazing, full of hilarious moments, miracles, and hard work! 
I am so thankful to have Sister Melgarejo! She is full of energy, motivation, love, and is very Spanish. I truly love her and we get along great. Yes training is stressful and I am realising how much is in my hands, but it is also such a blessing.  I am amazed at her willingness to try. Even though the language is hard and being a missionary is crazy she is trying. I feel like I am really growing and realising how much I have learned since being on my mission. 
This week we had an EXTREMELY hilarious moment. So R, our lovely 82 year old investigator gave me some framed pictures of us and I was looking at one and I noticed something behind the picture.. You will never believe what it was... A full on diamond ring!!! HAHA and a picture he had made with me and him when he was younger (pics to come) we were absolutely dying of laughter I couldn't even believe it. Bless his heart. So we called our ward mission leader and him and his wife came to talk to us and helped me know and practice what to say to him. Me and Sister Blair went to his house and talked to him and set expectations very clearly (again) and gave him his gift back. It was so hard for Sister Blair and I to not burst out laughing when we were talking to him. We decided it was best for the Elders to finish teaching him. Its amazing because he has been reading and keeping all of his commitments! He had his baptism interview this last weekend and is getting baptised on Friday at 7 and you're all invited ;) 

This week has been miraculous. It has been a huge blessing because I have been able to work hard and do all I can. And because of that Heavenly Father has been helping me to focus on my purpose here in Hull and to not think about the pain in my back.
We have been working a lot with recent converts, helping them stay converted. One thing that Sister Melgarejo and I have been doing this week is reading the Book of Mormon with them and helping the apply it to their lives. I have noticed in my own conversion that the Book of Mormon has helped me to feel Heavenly Father's love and I know that it can help each of them to feel it as well. 
I have really been working on my prayers, their sincerity, being specific, and listening. I started keeping a prayer journal where I write down impressions and thoughts that I have. I have been asking for help to know how I can best help Sister Melgarejo. And its amazing because when I listen and wait I receive promptings! It has helped me so much to strengthen my relationship with Heavenly Father. 
It was Remembrance Sunday this weekend where we remember all those who have fought in the wars. It was a great service. Sister Blair and Sister Miller played Abide with Me (on the piano and violin) and she invited us to read the words as they played. It brought me so much peace when I read, "Earth's joys grow dim; its glories pass away. O thou who changest not; abide with me." I love the words to this song. Even when there are so many crazy things happening in the world, true joy and peace come through our Saviour Jesus Christ. And that is something that will never change or go away.
I am so happy to be a missionary and I had a breakdown today realising that this week I will be halfway done. Time is just flying and it will be so bittersweet coming home.

Love to you all!
Que tengan una buena semana! 
Sister Stevens

Best Birthday Ever!

Saying goodbye to Sister Mo