Monday, July 18, 2016

There will always be Ups and Downs

This week has definitely been better than last. I have felt so much love from everyone while reading my emails and have without a doubt felt your prayers. Thank you so much for all the love and support! 
So I have been having some pretty severe side and back aches and I have been to a couple doctors but they arent sure completely what is wrong. One physiotherapist said it was something to do with my rib..  So I will be going back to get an x-ray this week. Its all very strange and I have no idea what could have caused this (other than stress haha) but we just have to take things as they come. I will keep you updated on that :)
I have also been struggling a bit emotionally. I thought by now I would be completely fine and loving every minute but nope, there are always going to be hard times. But I know through challenges that we face will bring us closer to our Heavenly Father. I know that we are given certain trials because they make us stronger and make us the people He wants us to become. I have been reading this book called Believing Christ. It talks about the atonement and everything Christ has done for us. It says many of us believe in Christ but do we truly know that He can take away our pain and our sins? I know He has felt everything that I have felt and I have been comforted knowing that He loves me. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. 
We had Zone Training which was amazing inspiration on how to plan more effectively and how to be more united with your companion which is something I am working on! And we were able to have interviews with President and Sister Turvey.  They are so inspired and Sister Turvey gave me some great advice. She said we are all different, so we can't compare ourselves to anyone else. We are all at different levels in life. Heavenly Father has given each of us different talents and skills because there will be people out there who need something from us. We just have to be ready for when that person needs us.  And we need to be ready and willing to share our talents. 
I am so thankful for the challenges I go through because they truly bring me closer to the Lord and I have felt love from Him this week in small and little things. 

Life in Leeds is going good :) We have a pretty solid teaching pool which is a huge blessing from Heavenly Father. And the members have been great to help us teach this week. There is a MTC teacher visiting from Spain who came teaching with us which was amazing to have with our spanish speaking investigator! It amazing to see people want to learn more about our church and see the difference it makes in peoples lives. I am so grateful to have this knowledge of the restored gospel!
We celebrated Sister T's birthday this week! Which was fun :) we blindfolded her and took her to subway for breakfast because she loves their cookies hah and we decorated and had pizza and enjoyed being with eachother. It is so fun living with these other sisters because they teach you so many things and you make the best friends because you go through the most with these people. I am so grateful to be making life long friends and to be having so many amazing experiences.

Thank you again for all the prayers and love!!!
I love you all :)

Sister Stevens  

Lisel, "i swear the weirdest things happen on missions"
Me, "You've been through a lot but always manage to come out on top."
Lisel, "I'm still comin out on top"
Me, "thats cuz you are amazeballs" (her word) ;)



Zone Training

I got 5 letters!!!!!!!