Monday, February 6, 2017


Wow where do I begin? This week has been amazing! 

My companion is Sister Bensige from Sweden! She is a hard worker and so focused! A great example to me, I am so happy to be her companion. 

I'm in Cayden's old area so I get to meet all the people he knows haha so they have high expectations of me.. thanks cayd ;) 

It was so amazing! This week we visited his recent converts Ruth & Lawrence and they were so grateful to have met missionaries. They shared when cayden bore his testimony it really touched them. It's amazing how a simple testimony can help someone so much! I love being able to know all the same people as he does!

So this week on our second day together we met this guys named James. He was with his son Jack who is 6. We were just talking about God and his beliefs and we invited him to learn more. He said it would be okay if we came by to teach him more! So we've been teaching him this week and he came to church with Jack on Sunday! The most amazing thing is that he doesn't have a belief in God at all but he has a desire to know and hopes that there is a god which is the start. Everything everyone said at church was perfect for him! It was fast and testimony meeting and it was the most incredible sacrament meeting I've ever been to. The bishop got up first and just explained what a testimony is, that it's not about our travels or big long stories and it doesn't have to be long at all. Everyone who got up just bore a simple, yet powerful witness that Jesus Christ is our Saviour and that we do have a Heavenly Father who loves us. And how the church truly has changed their lives. It was so perfect for James to hear! Heavenly Father was directing that meeting. It was incredible haha Jack the 6 year old investigator even got up and said he just found out Jesus died and he was so sad about it because He was his only hope! The next people who got up quickly explained that Jesus Christ does live again & yes it is true that Christ is our only hope. Haha I don't think I stopped smiling the whole meeting! 

Today we went to Redcar which is the seaside! We got together with some other sisters and ate fish & chips and lemontops which they are famous for. It was fun to see an English seaside town and do some exploring. 

We watched the Joseph Smith movie with one of the recent converts, even though I have seen it a million times it still amazes me how much he went through for the gospel. It truly inspires me how willing he was to follow Heavenly Father's counsel no matter what. 
Hope you all have a great week!! 
I'm sorry to those who I was not able to email back! Love to you all!

Sister Stevens 
1st day in Billingham

Seaside!  Redcar with the Sisters