Monday, October 17, 2016

how Job changed my life

dearest family & friends,
I have felt so much love and peace this week! I truly appreciate the prayers that have been said and everyone who fasted. When I heard about everyone fasting I broke down into tears and it was right before district meeting haha the whole time I was a wreck. I just felt so much love! I have the best support group out there! I couldn't do this without my wonderful family and friends :)

This week I have been studying about the life of Job in the Old Testament. I have been so inspired about him and how he handled his life! So Job was a very well blessed man with a very strong faith in God. He did everything he could to obey and do what God wanted him to do. But he lost his health, his wealth, and his posterity. His wife and loved ones turned against him, he suffered from nightmares, worms, boils, and his pain was constant. And all through these pains he sought out Heavenly help, but the heavens remained silent. The silence became part of the test. Job always knew that God was there but he was confused at why he was going through all of these things. He had never done anything to deserve this, he had always helped and served others. But Job never gave up his faith, he trusted that God would be there. He showed that through his challenges the most important thing was that he had a knowledge and relationship with Heavenly Father, more important than anything he had obtained in his life. He says, "when the Lord has tried me, I will come forth as gold." Once he has suffered through so much pain he receives help from Heavenly Father and he discovered that the Lord had "blessed the latter end of him more than his beggining" 
Job showed me that heavenly Father is giving me these trials and challenges because He wants me to learn. He will not give us trials more than we can bear. And He will always bless us more than we can imagine! If Heavenly Father always prevented hard times there would be no learning, no growing, and we would not be prepared to meet Him one day. Everything is done for our benefit only. 

We have been able to work with more members this week and I love it! I feel like we are really able to build their trust and really help them. We are helping them realize tthat missionary work is so much more than being taught the lessons. It is about loving and serving those around you. We have been encouraging members to bring a friend. Not necessarily a non-member but someone that can use a lift or some extra support and friendship.

This week Sister Mo and I have mastered the art of the apple pie haha we have made a couple and we are very proud of ourselves. We also had a little eyebrow and haircutting party after planning last night. We are building great relationships and I am so thankful for these wonderful sisters who are keeping me going.

I know that Heavenly Father and our Savior are there for us always. They really truly love us and want to help us, they are just waiting for us to ask!

hope you all have a great week! 

Sister Stevens 
Sister Blair <3

my fave recent convert Hayley

Sister Mo and I perfecting the Apple Pie

lunch with the cutest Chinese members

Sister Rigby

we went to the Hull Fair last P-day, so much fun!!!