Monday, November 21, 2016

when you're never too old for the gosp :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow there are so many things to be grateful for it's crazy! This week I have been so thankful for the restoration of the gospel. As a missionary that seems to be something we focus on a lot. And it hasn't been until recently that I have really been able to understand and gain and testimony on the importance of it. It is a huge sign that Heavenly Father loves us. That He has provided a way for us to return to Him and be with our families forever. 
Richard was baptised this weekend and it was such a great evening! He said, "I have never had a night quite like this." It almost brought me to tears! We all were able to feel the spirit and he knew he made the right choice. It's never too late for the gospel!
Sister Melgarejo is doing great and working hard. It's still amazing to see how much she tries and how bold. She has been getting frustrated with the language barrier because it is hard for her to understand conversations and know how to respond. So in language study and 12 Weeks we have been doing our best to make that time more effective by practicing teaching and finding a lot. 
I have really enjoyed being a trainer, I am learning so much and realising how much I have learned as a missionary already. It pushes me to be most effective throughout the day and to be a good example. 
This week I hit my half way mark and I'm dying!! I am truly loving my mission and I truly love my Saviour. I could not be more grateful or happy that I have this opportunity to serve my Heavenly Father and to allow myself to change! That is the biggest miracle of my mission so far is being able to see the change in myself. I am so grateful that I have pushed through the hard times because that is when you can experience the joy. And I have been experiencing so much joy!
Today we celebrated Thanksgiving with our zone! Sister Blair and I organised a thanksgiving feast and every companionship brought something. It was a success and so fun! It's so great to be surrounded by the Lord's army :)
Remember, we have so much to be thankful for! 🍂🍁

Love you all!
Sister Stevens 
LOL we made so many homemade pies last night and this is what happened!  Luckily we are culinary geniuses and we fixed them and they are delish!

Sister Blair and I put together a zone activity and planned Thanksgiving :):)

Richard's Baptism!