Tuesday, January 17, 2017

when its freezing!!!!!

Hello everyone!!!
We have been freezing here in Hull! The temperature hasn't even been that low but the humidity and the wind makes the cold go straight through our bones. We have been layering up as much as we can!

Its been another great week! My love for Sister Melgarejo grows everyday, I feel like we are sisters (literally) haha I think we are spending too much time laughing. It makes missionary work a lot more fun when you love your companion and you can have fun together. Its been amazing to see how far she has come so far with her English and being able to keep a conversation with people. She is doing great and is such a great example to me. I am so thankful for her! 
Its been hard to see our investigators this week because exams.... opposition in all things!  We are hoping to start to be able to see them more because exams are almost over! OLE!
We got in contact with a former investigator from a couple years ago and we arranged to see him this week. Because we were going to his house we needed another female to come with us so we called a member to come but she ended up cancelling last minute! We had no idea what to do because we wouldn't be able to teach him without her! We said a prayer and then called him to explain the situation. Then he said his wife will be there. We ended up teaching both the husband and the wife and their little boy! It was a miracle! They are from Zimbabwe and they belong to the Methodist church and have such strong faith. It was a bit different because I am so used to teaching people with not a lot of religious background but we followed the spirit and it went well! We really focused on modern day prophets and their role on earth. They felt that if God does love us then He would have someone to lead and guide us. We are blessed with a wonderful prophet today, President Monson.
 They were so kind and grateful that we came to share this message with them and they are so excited to learn more about being together forever as a family!! 
We have spent lots of time in the streets talking to people and inviting them to learn about God and His plan for them! It makes me so sad how many people are lost in this world, they really don't understand that there is more to life than just work and money and worldy things. We are so blessed to have the knowledge that Heavenly Father loves us and He has a perfect plan for each of us! And all we have to do is follow His Son Jesus Christ and try our best. Of course we all make mistakes and mess up sometimes but we are blessed with the Sacrament and the gift of Repentance to help us back onto the straight and narrow path. I know that as each of you read the Book of Mormon, attend church, and pray you can stay strong and you can always get through whatever challenges you are going through. And I know you will be able to find JOY in each day.
Hope you all have a great week! Keep smiling :)

on our way to church

recent convert Jayne

saying goodbye to recent converts who are moving :(

SNOW!!!  for 5 minutes haha

nightly exercises (working on my going home body...lol)

love, Sister Stevens