Monday, February 13, 2017

Christ is the way!

hiya!!!!!! (what they say in billingham)
This week has been a bit more difficult and I've had some setbacks with my back. But stake conference was this weekend and it was much needed. Everything was taking its toll and I felt overwhelmed and alone and homesick (which is the worst feeling & I haven't been this homesick since the early days!!) Saturday night sister Blair and sister koepf (her comp) slept over because we had stake Conf Saturday night and then again in the morning which was fun! Somehow whenever sister Blair and I are together I end up crying haha she just makes me emotional. I have been proud of my self because I have been holding it together but that night I couldn't anymore. (She's like my mom here) But the next morning was perfect (even Martin our new investigator came to church!!!!) and I have such a testimony that conferences and Sundays come at the best time to fill our tanks. Everything was just exactly what I needed to hear and it's amazing how the Holy Ghost can tailor everything to our needs. 
One of the main things that was able to help me is my personal relationship with my saviour. This last week I started using the extra 30 mins in the morning studying the New Testament and I love it!  Building my relationship with my saviour is something I am trying to improve on. I realised at conference that my relationship with Him can get me through to the end of my mission if I keep working on it. It brought me comfort to know I am truly out here because of Him and His sacrifice for me. I can give up 18 months if He gave His life. When we really want a good relationship with Christ we need to forget what we want and focus on what He wants. I think that a big reason I am facing this trial right now is so I can come to know my saviour better. And to me that sacrifice is worth it. I am labouring and serving and working because I love my Heavenly Father and Saviour. He is the reason I came out and He is the reason I am staying out. I know Christ can heal me, but for now He wants me to keep learning and growing for now but one day I will be healed. I know as I keep trying, He will give me the strength & help I need. We just need to PRESS FORWARD (2 Nephi 31:20) & God will provide a way. 
President Turvey talked about the miracle of feeding the 5000+ woman and children with 5 loaves & 2 fishes. He had the congregation close their eyes and try and image this scene. I remembered watching the bible video with a recent convert this past week and the simple prayer that Christ said to bless the food. And miraculously there was food in abundance. Heavenly Father will give us all we need plus more sometimes we just need to ask in a simple prayer. Miracles are brought through prayer & through prayer we receive the strength to carry on. That doesn't always mean He will give us everything we want, but when we align our will with His, we will be given what we truly need in abundance! I am so thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who loves each one of us unconditionally. 
Here in Billingham we meet lots of completely different people sometimes you can't even believe some people's lives. One guy we met this week is named Martin. We have been able to teach him a couple times this week and he came to church! He doesn't have much belief in anything but his motivation is what happens after this life, we think he is worried about what happens next. We have to teach him very simply, but he seems to be really enjoying everything so far. Another is Joann, she is going through many challenges and there couldn't be a better time to have the gospel in her life. We are just trying to help her recognise it by teaching the results because she is quite closed off and mad at God. It makes me sad because a lot of her choices have gotten to where she is now.
But I know that God truly loves us no matter what and He is always there for anyone who will turn to Him.
Love to you all!!
Sister Stevens 

Investigators Daughter

Past companion Sister Chiu!

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