Monday, November 7, 2016

When you're old

Wow another transfer came and went. And good news is, I'm staying in Hull!! Sad news is, Sister Mo is leaving. She has changed my mission and helped me so much. But I'm gonna be a MOM! Haha I'm training a sister from Spain named Sister Melgarejo. She doesn't speak hardly any English so it's gonna be an adventure! I'm excited but nervous. 
This week I'm just proud of myself haha because I made it and I know everything will be okay! Each day I didn't think I could get up and be a missionary again, but I did and I know I can do hard things. Heavenly Father has really been pulling me along.
My birthday was great :) The sisters made me feel loved and WOW so did all the emails. Most of them made me cry to be honest, I felt so much love and I am so grateful to all of you. I truly appreciate you all and your words! We celebrated by making pumpkin pie and dinner in a pumpkin! And then we did some missionary work! Haha birthdays are the best on a mission ;) I also got a surprise phone call from Elder Norton! That was defs a highlight.
I had a cool experience recently that I don't think I'll ever forget. So I was talking to this lady on the bus and just asked her about her family and she asked what I was doing in England. She opened up about her husband who has passed away and I explained briefly about the plan of salvation that has brought me so much happiness. And that this plan is perfect. I testified that she will be able to see her husband again. She started crying and thanked me for sharing that with her. I told her she can know it too, I gave her a Book of Mormon before she had to get off. I was so grateful for this experience because it made me realise that this plan can truly help and bless so many people's lives. You never know who will be affected when you open your mouth. So just do it, even when it's scary, it's worth it. 
We taught Relief Society on Sunday and it was intimidating but it went so well! We talked about the fruits of the Savior and how we have been affected by them. Then we shared Luke 22:32 , "But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren." We have all been blessed and strengthened by the fruits of the Saviour and now that we have them it's our responsibility to share them and strengthen others! We challenged the sisters to reach out and strengthen someone who needs it. And sometimes we don't know who needs it, so prayerfully ask Heavenly Father who you can reach out to. 
My Uncle Toddy emailed me and told me about a talk called "The Refiner's Fire" by James E. Faust and I read it this past week and I recommend it to all. He speaks about this family crossing the plaines to Utah and how 9 children & the wife all die and the
father is the only who makes it. And then he goes on to do all these incredible things. Elder Faust said, 
"He did not quit. He went forward. He paid a price, as have many others before and since, to become acquainted with God."  When I read this I just felt so much peace and gratitude for my Heavenly Father for allowing me to become better acquainted to Him and His Son. What is the price you have to pay to become acquainted with God? 
We have seen so many blessings here. Richard is doing great and he has his interview this weekend! We are excited for him.

Love to all!
xx Sister Stevens 
Birhtday Pics

(Sister Graff, Lisel's bishops wife.  They are from  America
and she has been a lifeline to us both this past week.)

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