Monday, March 6, 2017


Wow it's been another amazing week here in Billingham! I am truly happy to be here and to get to know such amazing people. 

Miracles from the week:

Martin passed his baptismal interview this weekend and will be getting baptised on Saturday! We are so excited for him and for this step he is taking to follow our Saviour Jesus Christ. We have been a bit worried because we haven't been sure if he is ready but in a closing prayer he said the other day after a lesson I felt the Holy Ghost confirm to me that he is ready and he really does understand this commitment he is making. I felt so much peace and comfort and excitement for him! It's incredible how someone can go from not knowing who God is to being able to say he believes in Him just from prayer, reading the Book of Mormon, and coming to church. I'm so thankful for the simplicity of these 3 things that can bring us so much light and understanding. 

We taught another one of our investigators more about the afterlife because she was worried about her grandparents who haven't been baptised. We taught her about the spirit world and how they are having the opportunity to learn about the gospel & then through temples she can be baptised for them! She loved the idea and it brought her a lot of peace. I think it's such a blessing we have the knowledge of the restored gospel so we don't have to feel frightened or worried about what happens after this life. 

We found a salad and sandwich shop walking distance from our flat this week! Which is a huge miracle because literally I have no found a good salad since being here in England and it was delish :):) and it opened a week ago, Heavenly Father just knows haha. 

So we have been teaching English to this girl for a while here and this last time we taught her we asked her if she wanted to learn more about what we do as missionaries and if she wants to know more about God & Jesus Christ and how they can help her and she said yes! When we taught her that god loves her she wrote it down and said it made her really happy! It was so cute! 

I have recently read & studied the story when Christ walks on water and Peter walks to Him in Matthew 14. I just want to share with you all some of the things I have learned:
v. 25 - it wasn't until the "fourth watch" or the early hours of the morning, after all night of rowing and fighting the waves Jesus came and helped them. Sometimes we have to struggle and fight and keep pushing through difficult times until we receive our own heavenly help. 
v. 29-30 - when Peter walks on the water he does it while keeping his eyes focused on Christ.  But when he looks away and sees all the waves & what is around him he starts to sink. When we get distracted and our lives aren't focused on Christ we will start to sink and we won't be as happy!
v. 31 - but when Peter cried out Jesus "immediately stretched forth His hand and caught him". When we cry out for help, Christ will always catch us, He is always there. 

Ah! I just love the scriptures! They gave brought me so much peace, joy, and comfort as I have really taken the time to study & liken them to my life. And I know you can feel that same joy as you study them as well!

Thank you for all the love, support, and prayers! I can feel it!

Love you all! Have a great week!

Xx, Sister Stevens 
Sister Blair's last p-day

till they meet again in 5 1/2 months in UTAH!!!

Pday fun

This is how I feel about driving in England

Sister Melgarejo gave me this cute apron

When the sun came out for 10 minutes

Martin after he passed his baptism interview