Monday, September 26, 2016

I'm staying in HULL!

hey fam :)
This week was great of course, every week is great as a missionary... ;)
Well, there are always so many great things that happen, I'll put it
that way. Last night were transfers and Sister Mo and I are staying
together in HULL! Sister Blair is also staying but her trainee is
getting moved and another sister in coming named Sister Rigby!

Anyway, we had a wonderful Sister's Meeting for the sisters in our
zone that Sister Blair conducted. We received wonderful counsel on
Faith, Finding, and Finances (some of the sisters are really stuggling
when it comes to dealing with money, but it is always helpful! Each
sister had a part they needed to prepare for and we all shared a faith
building experience. We talked about Jacob 5, the allegory of the
olive tree. Each of us our Heavenly Father's children and that alone
is amazing. We all have a purpose in life and sometimes we forget that
purpose and how much potential we truly have. There are so many people
in the world who have no idea who they are and where they came from.
That is why missionary work is so important and necessary. I love
Jacob 5:71. "Go to, and labor in the vineyard, with your might.. for
the end is nigh at hand, and the season speedily cometh and if ye
labor with your might with me ye shall have JOY in the fruit.." This
verse is not only for full time missionaries, it is for everyone. Each
person has a part to play in this life in helping people come unto
Christ. I know that when we work to help, serve, and be an example
WITH Christ we are going to feel that true JOY. Success doesn't come
in how many people are baptised. It comes when we are feeling,
learning, and doing.

This week I had a really amazing experience that I hope I will never
forget. So we were knocking for quite a while when this guy opened his
door. We introduced ourselves and he said things like how could anyone
believe in God there are so many bad things happening in the world and
if there was a God wouldn't he be doing something about this world? He
went on and on just bashing Heavenly Father and saying how cruel he
is. As I tried to bear my testimony (which is really the only thing I
could do) and he kept interrupting, I started getting defensive. I was
so sad that he was saying all the awful things about our Father in
Heaven it broke my heart. So embarrassing but I started crying right
there on his front porch. Heavenly Father allowed me to feel a tiny
glimpse of what He feels when we choose not to follow Him. His heart
softened a little when he saw me crying and he finally listened to me
share my testimony about how God is really there and how much He loves

Our polish investigator A is progressing! She said she does want to
be baptised but she realises this is a big commitment and wants to
fully invest herself which is great. She desires to follow Christ and
do what He has asked us to do. I love going to her house because she
has the cutest dog that looks like scout but he is white! And Anna has
the funniest sense of humor and always makes us laugh.

Oh and my favorite weekend is next weekend! GENERAL CONFERENCE! We
have been committing members to invite a friend and they are excited!
Conference is a great time to receive answers to questions that you
have. So I challenge all of you to think of questions prayerfully
(they don't have to be gospel related) and I promise you will be able
to receive answers from inspiration you get!

I feel so much gratitude for this chance to serve a mission. I am
truly realising how much this will help me with my future. There are
so many things you learn on a mission that I could not learn anywhere
else. I am not doing Heavenly Father a favor, He is doing me a favor.

Hope you all have a wonderful week :)
Love you all,
Sister Stevens

(So many cute pics this week! YAY!!)
Me and Sister Mo
exchange with Sister Blair


I got a package!!!

lunch with a recent convert

Knocking doors

I ATE HAGGUS...nasty

wedding :)

My fave bus driver Steve.  He finally accepted a Book of Mormon!!! :)

we went to a candy shop

bubble gum ice cream with Sister Mo

getting chips with Jayne, a recent convert

hospital, finger 

We made crepes!