Monday, May 22, 2017

"Joy is a gift for the faithful"

Wow what a busy week! Sister Cook and I just looked back on our week and are grateful for everything we've been able to accomplish and learn. But man, we are exhausted. We had ward conference on Sunday and everything that was said was very inspiring but the most inspiring thing about the whole thing was our stake president's smile. He literally smiles all the time and it just makes me feel so happy when I see him, so this week Sister Cook and are going to work on our smiles :)

We saw a lot of members this week and were able to help them to think of some of their friends that they know could benefit from the gospel and showed them the Europe Area plan card. Its been a very helpful tool for the members to set goals for progression. We have also picked out the less active members in the ward who are in part member families. President has promised that this is where we will find the most success. So we've been trying by many of those families and have gotten in contact with great people, we will see the fruits!! 

We also knocked a lot of doors, probably more than I have knocked my whole mission! Its nice when we can talk and laugh in between, I love my companion :)

I was able to go on an exchange with Sister Mo!! It was the last one before she goes home next week :( She has taught me so much and has been a great example to me. We had lots of fun and relived some old mems from Hull. She really helped me see the progress I have made and the person I have become. 

President and Sister Turvey came to Billingham this week for interviews which is always a highlight! I l love them :) They both said they can't believe that Elder Norton and I go home the same transfer.. either can I!!! After interviews, we were on our way to our flat after trying by a former, and we noticed a man carrying grocery bags and them setting them down right by our fence. We ran over to help him, and at first he said thank you but that they were going to be too heavy for us (haha maybe for me but sister cook is muscle woman)  but we got talking for a few min about things. He's from Hungary but had been in the UK for close to 45 years. Great man. He decided he'd let us help carry his bags and we walked to his house. And we set an appointment to teach him! His wife has passed away and he has some great questions. I love when service opportunities arise and it leads to an investigator. We taught him and man does he love to talk. Haha taught him again and scheduled him for baptism on the 23rd of June:) yay! At the beginning of the lesson, he said he had no need to go to church and that baptism was great but not necessary- but by the use of the book of Mormon and the spirit guiding our words, we were able to resolve his concerns. It was a very cool expereince! By the end of the lesson he told us he would come to church on Sunday and we could baptise him then haha!! If only it worked like that:)

This week I have been learning a lot about repentance. I have seen and felt a difference as I have in my prayers each night looked back on the day and repented for the things I have done that aren't the best, or that I should've done. I have really noticed a change in the way I feel throughout the day and my attitude. Its been amazing! Something that I have been working on is to have more meaningful and uplifting sacraments. I had a very powerful experience as I took the sacrament on Sunday. I feel it is because of constantly repenting even for the small things and because I really pondered and thought about Jesus Christ. I am so thankful for that sacred ordinance we are able to have each week. 

Time is flying and I am enjoying my mission more and more! Hope you all have a great week :)
Sister Stevens

After an exchange, these are the things Sister Mo said about Lisel:
Things we love about Sister Stevens 

1.      Very submissive to the will of God!! 
2.      Very persistent in finding people to teach, talk to everyone --> when you spot the person you go for them.
3.      You are so great at bearing testimony and personal experiences during lessons!! It makes you very human.
4.      You have such a great tolerance of people from everywhere!! Honestly this is your most unique gift. Because of it you get along with literally everyone. 
5.      You are not judgemental of the people you serve and serve with. 
6.      You are very patient with the Lord!! How about you've been in physical pain forever?
7.      You are always willing to improve!! 

"Your success as a missionary is measured primarily by your commitment to find, teach, baptize, and confirm people and to help them become faithful members of the Church who enjoy the presence of the Holy Ghost." 

You are a successful missionary because you are COMMITTED to find, teach and baptise  more of the converted! Thank you for your example! Sister Cook needs you!! 

Work on: finding-- find their magnet to the gospel, point of interest  

Lisel said, "Sister Mo is so nice"<3

ice skating for P-day!

A member made this for me!!!  SO CUTE