Monday, August 15, 2016


This week has been a good week! I was able to go on an exchange with
Sister Pugsley and learn from her. We were able to teach a recent
convert who is going through a hard time and I shared my testimony of
the Book of Mormon and how it can help her through hard times she is
facing.  I explained to her how she can relate things to her life and receive comfort from the scriptures, and I also told her that to better understand things she reads she should pray before she reads. She came up to me at church and thanked me and said that she prayed before she read and it helped her so much.  And she was able to get enough courage to talk to one of her old friends. It made me feel so good that something I said had helped her specifically.
All 4 of us sisters and the members we were teaching with that day
went to lunch at a yummy pizza place, it was so fun! We are trying to
help our investigators feel more comfortable and feel love. It has
been fun to get to know them better. It's amazing how each of us come
from different places but the gospel brings us all together.
Right now I am really trying to be happy all the time. It is something
that is quite difficult, but happiness is a choice. And having a
positive attitude definitely helps you feel better and those around
you feel better.
So this week, I challenge each of you to put a smile on your face,
especially when you feel like you can't :) I promise it will make a
Transfer calls came and I am leaving Leeds! Leaving my birthplace to
go to a place called Hull. My new comp is from South Africa. Excited
to serve with an African :) and I am excited for the changes ahead.
Heavenly Father knows what is best. Trust in him!
Love you all,

Sister Stevens