Monday, October 10, 2016

Receiving Strength

Hello fam!
This week has been tough but rewarding! The pain in my back has returned full force but I am determined to keep working hard and do what I can while I am here. I am learning to rely on the Atonement of Jesus Christ because there are times where I feel like I can't do it anymore and I am ready to give up. But I have asked for help and somehow I am able to keep going. I am so grateful for what I am going through because I am learning how to rely on Christ and how to receive help. I know the trials we face are making us stronger, braver people that Heavenly Father needs on His side. 

Zone Training was this week and it was so inspiring as usual. We talked about being ourselves and being authentic. Each of us have been blessed with special talents and abilities from our Heavenly Father that someone needs. Sometimes it is hard for us to see these skills we have been given, but Heavenly Father wants us to use them, so if you are having difficulties as to what your gifts are ask Heavenly Father to show them to you and He will because He needs you to use them! Being authentic means being genuine and sincere. I have been really working on being genuine in every conversation I have. Sometimes I get stuck saying the same things to everyone I meet each day, but each person is different. When you are genuine and sincere people can feel love from you. 

One lesson we taught this week really stuck out to me. We taught this student who doesn't have a faith. It was one of the best lessons I have taught on my mission. The spirit was there, we read from the Book of Mormon, bore strong testimony, and taught to his needs but he would not open up, he would not let the spirit into his heart. It was frustrating to see this but it just showed me that people have their agency and we can do all we can but they still have the choice to accept it or not. So we need to keep trying and keep doing our best because there are people out there who are ready and will accept it we just need to keep looking. 

It is a blessing serving with Sister Mo! She keeps me laughing throughout the day and we have become so close. It is so much fun being a missionary with her. 
Each day is a new experience! Missionary work is crazy but I love it.
Hope you all have a great week!
Love to you all,
Sister Stevens