Monday, August 29, 2016

When you find Kinder Buenos 3 for £1.20 😍

Hello my peeps,

Another great week in Hull 1 with my amazing companion Sister Mo. She
is such a hard worker and we have lots of fun together. Knocking on
doors and talking to people on the street is getting easier because we
are just being ourselves and making it fun. We like to call it fun
finding :) we have also been bearing our testimonies more in finding
and it truly makes a difference. I wish I could tell you everything
that happened this week but sadly it's impossible.
So here are some highlights:

Well for starters my fav chocolate bars were on sale this week so that
was a plus.

Got to teach the cutest recent converts and their young kids who were
baptised recently about endowments and dealings. It was so cool to see
how they are preparing and they get to make this special covenant to
be together as a family forever! We are blessed to have the priesthood
keys restored on the earth!

So there are these bushes that have brambles (kinda like an English
blackberry) that are everywhere in Hull and lucky us they are in
season :) it's a great snack to keep us going throughout the day.

L... is doing great! She is having some family struggles and wants her
fam to attend her baptism so we have pushes it back to the 17th of
September. But we have fasted and prayed and feel really good about
the 17th. She loves the gospel and is so excited to be baptised!

2 other sisters who are getting baptised next week had their
interviews this week and they passed! So we all went out to McDonald's
to celebrate haha. It was great. They were telling us about their
favourite lessons and they are grateful for the blessings of the
gospel because they have had difficult lives.

The work is definitely progressing here in Hull. I am happy to be
serving here and for the first time I feel like I am making a
difference. Which is a great feeling!
I have been working a lot on Christlike love, which is a hard
attribute to master. And I don't think I ever will. But the world is a
hard place to live in and everyone just needs to feel love. So my
challenge this week is to show someone who needs it a little extra
love. And read John 4 :) someone very special to me who is living in
Ghana shared it with me ;)

Love you all,

Sister Stevens

No pics this week but she sent this short video: