Monday, March 14, 2016

when u dye ur eyebs too dark

hi!!! thank you for all the emails. i'm sitting in the library crying as im reading them. its the first time ive cried tho so thats a miracle! i probs look like a joke because last night i colored my eyebrows because i finally had a couple minutes and i left the color on too long so now they are black. hopefully they will fade fast haha. i have loving hearing about your week. life seems busy like usual.
this week went by CRAZY fast. seriously the days felt like minutes which is such a blessing and on the 17th i will be out a month!! only 17 more haha. its already going to fast so i am doing everything i can to enjoy even the hard moments. i am learning how to love every one haha it is hard sometimes there are lots of very interesting people from all over the world in leeds. my fav thing about being a missionary is hearing investigators pray. most of the time its their first time praying and hearing them talk to god for the first time is seriously the coolest experience. we use ipads a lot and it helps because we can show videos and it really brings the spirit so strong. we met this guy named Y on the street the other day and he was so interested about our faith. we taught him and he asked amazing questions and said he would read the book of mormon and pray about it! we will schedule him for baptism for sure. i feel like he is ready. another guy we are teaching his name is Nero. he is from china but believes in god so thats good. most people do not believe in god at all and it is crazy! i cant imagine not believing in god or having a god. but we scheduled N for baptism! he is going out of town so its not til the beginning of may but still he seems ready too! its crazy when you listen with love the holy ghost tells you exaclty what to say. its defs a skill i am still working on but miracles happen when you have the holy ghost. another investigator is named J. She is like our mom haha she had us over for tea this week and fed us chicken kababs and ice cream and was so nice and she drove us to our next appointment which was so nice! she goes to church every week because she loves how she feels when she is at church. we taught her a bit and she was telling me about another sister that taught her. its kwin stahli's sister!!! that was so cool to find out. she loves all the sisters so much. hopefully she can commit to baptism! hahahaha so me and sister pro were walking to a tea appointment (the members feed us like crazy seriously i am already gaining weight it is quite a prob) and sister pro was videoing me and i was just acting like a dork and i fell in this huge pot hole and i swear a broke my ankle hahaa i was dying laughing so hard and so was she. thankfully i am totally fine!! god is amazing haha. me and another sister in my flat sister blair and i have been going running a couple times a week and it has felt so good! there was this lady on the bus the other day who looked soooo much like the queen it was crazy! haha so i started talking to her and she said she gets that a lot. she was so nice and telling me about her life haha. english people like to talk and talk and talk. its hard to bring up religion tho. Michelle is one of the members in our ward we visited this week. she is the sweetest lady ever. and she loves pink. her carpet is pink her walls are pink, she wears pink. seriously everything. she has a cat named princess angelica. quite an interesting lady but so nice. 
there are so many hair salons everywhere and we walk by a lot of them and i see people doing hair and it makes me miss it so much!!! i can't wait to cut my companions hair and the other sisters. 
anyway, time is already flying. heavenly father is blessing me so much. i am able to focus on the work here and i dont feel as homesick. i love teaching people. it is like the highlight of my day, i love sharing my experiences about the savior and how he can bless their lives. i just started the Book of Mormon again. it is such a blessing and truly testifies of the truthfulness.
remember CPR: church, prayer, read. THOSE will keep you on the right path!
LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! thank you for the prayers.

love, sister stevens

Lisel and Sister Pro, her companion from Russia
Russian Food that is 'quite good'

Outside our flat

Sandwich shop that is seriously the best thing I've eaten besides dumplings and Cosmo pizza.  (If you know Lis, thats saying a lot!)

the 4 flat mates

Pretty Leeds

Fish n Chips

Lisel with Member Michelle

Lisel with Julie, Investigator who's like their 'mom'

Bus rides

haha, this random guy got in our pic

we order milkshakes sometimes at night and they deliver them!  heaven :):)