Monday, June 6, 2016

Sa Wad De Kaw!

My subject is how you say Hi in Thai! (defs not how you spell it but...)
Anyway, this week has been great! My new comp is from Thailand! Sadly she can't cook thai food but, she is still amazing! We have been working hard and have been quite busy but it feels so good to be busy. It is the best feeling coming home each night feeling like you did everything you could for the Lord that day. I am happy and too busy to even feel homesick! hah its been great.
 Heavenly Father is blessing us so much and we have been able to see so many miracles. We visited by a less active this week who hasn’t been to church for a while and she came on Sunday! And 2 recent converts got up in Sacrament Meeting to bear their testimonies! One of them brought a friend to church and we had actually met her on the bus a couple weeks ago, but she said she is ready to learn more now! So we will be teaching her this week :) Because it was fast Sunday we fasted with one of our investigators who we were finally able to set a date for his baptism. He has been investigating for over 6 months so this is a miracle! He said when he fasted he felt so much closer to Heavenly Father and he knows he is making the right choice. We will continue to work with him so he will be ready! 
ALSO... I SAW ELDER NORTON!!!!!!!! He was coming to our chapel to get his new companion so we got to shake hands (lol) and get a pic (we couldn’t touch) but its okay :) It was good to see him and chat for like 2 minutes. He got moved further away from me but he is needed elsewhere!
This week I have felt the stress of a lot of things, first time leading the area, first time with a new companion, and navigating everywhere. It has been quite the experience, but I am learning so much and really working on how I can help others around me. Life can be stressful at times but we need to remember what the most important thing is and that is our Savior Jesus Christ. 
I am so thankful to know about this truth! And I feel so lucky to be able to share it with people in Leeds! It’s amazing how God puts people in our path that are ready to hear the gospel. We see it everyday, so many little miracles testifying that Heavenly Father is really there and He loves us so much. 
Thank you for all the love and support!
love you all!

sister stevens 

New companion from Thailand, Sister T

with Tracey, a member who is our BFF.  She comes teaching with us

awkward pics with Cayden, no hugging :(

Said Goodbye to my trainer and 1st flatmates