Monday, May 30, 2016


Hey everyone! 
It's been quite a slow week here in Leeds. I have been
sick most of the week so me and sister pro got some extra sleep. Haha
the doctor said I can't be a missionary and kill this virus at the
same time. But good news I am doing much better now and am excited to
get back out there and do some real missionary work.
We had transfer calls last night and we were all a bit nervous. But I
am staying in Leeds and sister pro is leaving me :(:( we are very sad
but know we are going to be where Heavenly Father wants us. My new
comp was already in my district so we know each other a bit. She is
from Thailand and we call her sister T. She's the best I am so excited
to serve with her! Haha also she had a dream the other night that we
would serve together. So crazy!!
Time is just going by so fast, I literally feel like I just got here
and met sister pro! But it's been 3 months and I can't believe how
much I have grown and learned!
The hightlight of my week was definitely interviews with president which was amaze! He is such an inspired man it's incredible.  Htold me to tell you a couple things. 
He said to tell you thank you for
raising me so well and sending me to England to save the mission. And
dad must be a saint to put up with so many girls. He said having 2
girls and a wife was enough. And he said little benny must be the
luckiest boy in the world. And to wish you well from president. He is
the best! He asked if I did seminary
and I said yes and he said I bet you have probably learned more in the
past 3 months than you have in the 4 years of seminary. And he is
right. When you are completely immersed in the gospel you can learn so
much and grow so much closer to Heavenly Father. He only has 4 weeks
left and it's so sad! I didn't know I would have so many hard goodbyes
on my mission too! Anyway, so president has this special very posh pen
that everybody knows about and no one ever gets to use and he let me
use it!! Haha it was a miracle and all the missionaries were pretty
jealous ;)
Anyway, life as a missionary is great. The Book of Mormon is true and
such a blessing. Remember how lucky we are to have it! Never take it
for granted. I want to challenge each of you to immerse yourself more
fully in the gospel, by reaching out to someone who needs it or
studying the Book of Mormon, or whatever it is notice how much happier
you are and notice how much Heavenly Father is really in your life.
I love you all!
Love, sister Stevens
Chopped Sister Pro's hair!  Sorry only pic this week bc we are emailing from iPad.