Monday, September 12, 2016

Another week in Hull👌🏼

Well this week has been full of spiritual inspiration, learning
opportunities, miracles, and interesting moments.
To start off I have some exciting news about Lisa! She had her
interview and will be baptised on Saturday! She is nervous but she has
such a strong testimony and she truly wants to follow Christ's
example. She received a blessing to help her feel comfort and she said
she felt so much peace after. We are excited for her and the decision
she is making. And she's inviting her non member family to her
A couple was married on Saturday so we got to attend their wedding. It
was fun, got to talk to their nonmember friends and family. They are
getting sealed on Thursday in the Preston temple which is exciting!
We has an interesting end to the week... So this week my finger has
been sore and swollen and I was told to soak it in salt and warm
water. I did that for a couple days but it got worse and worse. Sunday
at church a member noticed it (it was that big...) and showed it to a
nurse who was there. They told me I need to go to the emergency room
asap because it was extremely infected. We spent the whole evening in
the emergency room and they took an x-ray and did a little operation
and told me to come back in the morning. This morning we came back and
they numbed it and did another procedure. Hopefully it will heal up
nicely :) but everything is okay now, good news is it won't need to be
We were blessed to have Zone Conference this week which is always full
of inspiration and answers to questions. I was asked to give
instruction on tailoring our message to each person. I was quite
nervous but I was able to learn so much and it went better than I
thought it would be! We have been trying to focus on members, how to
get them more involved in missionary work, and how to help them fulfil
their missionary responsibilities. Because when missionaries and ward
members work together great things happen. Got some great ideas on
Our zone leaders told us to ask ourselves 3 questions everyday. And I
challenge each of you to ask yourself these questions each day:
1. Am I happy? If not how can I be?
2. Have I seen God's hand? If not how can I?
3. Have a served my companion (friend, husband, wife, kids)? If not how can I?
These questions are so simple but they have really helped us keep a
better positive attitude and we have been happier! Attitude changes
Sister Blair gave great instruction in choosing JOY. And a way to
choose joy is to "forget yourself and go to work" and to "look up and
turn out". When we are focused on others we forget about our own
problems and are able to make a difference in someone else's life.
Overall, the main advice I was given is that work overcomes
everything. I have noticed on my mission when I am focused on the work
and focused on serving others I am so much happier. I know there are
really hard things that we are asked to do in life and we have to
face. There are times when we don't feel like we can feel joy because
of our circumstances. But I know when we turn outwards to those around
us we can truly feel joy because we are following the example of our

We were also able to have ward conference which was another amazing
opportunity to receive inspiration and guidance. Our bishop gave an
amazing talk on bearing our trials and challenges with patience. The
hard things we deal with now are making us great, strong, and powerful
men and women.
He talked about how we need to ask our father for help and have faith
that he will help us, BUT IF NOT we will still turn to Him for
guidance and help. He doesn't always take the pain away right away,
but if we turn to Him he will come to our aid. We are promised we will
not be tempted or challenged more than we can bare. Are you still
turning to Heavenly Father even when you don't receive help right
away? In D&C 121 Joseph Smith is going through his hardest moments in
Liberty Jail. He is feeling so alone, wondering where God is. But he
keeps asking for help, he keeps turning to our Father. In verse 7 & 8
it says, "peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine
afflictions shall be but a small moment; And then, if thou endure it
well, God shall exalt thee on high." If we are patient through our
afflictions He will help us and give us the strength and courage we
I have been reflecting on my mission so far and I still have moments
where I can't believe I am serving a mission because I never thought I
would. And even though it's been the hardest 6 months of my life,
everything I am learning and experiencing is making me stronger and
preparing me for what is to come. I will be forever grateful for the
time Heavenly Father has given me to learn and grow so much.

Hope you all have a great week! Remember to keep smiling :)
Love, Sister Stevens

Ps sorry this is so long, I had plenty of time to write while we were

waiting in the hospital..