Monday, October 24, 2016


Hello fam!
Where do I begin?! This week has been full of too many amazingly wonderful things. There have been so many highlights.
Well good news is that our investigator drought is over (at least for now!!!) We were having a member lesson last Sunday and the member had a friend over, he left when we arrived, but we gave him a card with our number on it and he called us the next day! We were able to schedule a return appointment with him and throughout the week we have been able to teach him and schedule him for baptism.He has been reading and praying everyday and he loved on Sunday. He kept telling everyone he is getting baptised. We are so excited for him and know that Heavenly Father has been preparing him. The best part is that he is 82! Haha and he rides his bike everywhere he is so cute. He feels like this is the time of his life when he wants to know God.
We have been doing some different kinds of finding this week and there are quite a few African shops a long a street by our house so we decided to go into some of them and talk to the shop keepers. It was fun because Africa has a special place in Sister Mo and I's hearts ;) And good news.. we have a new investigator from Ghana!!
To top off this week we were able to have a special mission wide conference with President Russell M. Nelson and 4 other general authorities and their wives. We woke up at 3:30 am and took a coach to Huddersfield from Hull. It was so great to see old mission friends and especially Elder Norton :)
When President Nelson walked into the room immediately the feeling changed and the Spirit confirmed to me that he truly is an Apostle of the Lord. We got to shake his hand and he looked me in the eye and smiled. It was the most incredible feeling and I felt so much love and respect for him. He is 91 years old, has 9 daughters and 1 son, 52 grandchildren, and 100 great grandchildren!  He is full of love and care for everyone, you can just feel it when you look at him. I admire how calm and peaceful he is. All 5 of the general authorities and their wives spoke. All of them said something along the lines of how thankful they are to have worthy missionaries, who have given up this part of their lives to serve the Lord. President Nelson said, "where would we be without people like you?" I just felt so grateful to know that Heavenly Father is proud and thankful for me and all the other missionaries who are serving around the world. He spoke about some random things but I know it came directly from the Spirit. He talked about the refugees in the world and how many there are. It made me think of you mom and what an amazing example you are about serving them and helping them. He talked about how that is one of our responsibilities to help and serve our brothers and sisters who are in need. He also spoke about tithing and fast offerings and how much they are being greatly used and they are making are contribution almost immediately. He also spoke about the importance of the Christmas story in the New Testament and challenged us to read it with the Christmas story in the Book of Mormon. I challenge you all to do the same!
Being true disciples of Christ was also a topic discussed a lot. How each of us have a responsibility to "feed His sheep and save His lambs" We can each defend the gospel and share our faith in many different ways. We have been called to a strong, courageous work and it is to change the world. When we teach, testify, and labor diligently and loyally we have become true disciples of Christ. And that is what I strive to be.
President Nelson blessed all the missionaries with health and healing, that if it be God's will we will be healed perfectly. I felt so strongly that my heath will be back to normal and I will be completely recovered. He blessed that our families back home would be safe and taken care of and safety for us, that we will return home to our families.
I am so grateful for the gospel and this opportunity to share it! I love it so much!
Thank you for all the prayers, letters, packages, and emails :) I wish I could say more but this is long enough and sadly I have run out of time.
Our new investigator at his posh rest home

dim sum for lunch :)

mission conference with the best missionaries ever!

birthday gift from Ghana

Sister T, 1st companion


cute streets of England 

Sister Stevens