Monday, July 24, 2017

Lots of pain pills and prayers

Hi everyone! 

Bless this week! Sorry, this email may be a little lame. I don't have much energy to write. But here is a bit of an update... So I was able to have the operation Thursday night. And it was a really neat experience. I was feeling very anxious and nervous but President Turvey gave me a blessing before and it brought a lot of peace. I was able to talk to a lot of nurses and doctors and they all asked me so many questions about why I am here and about our church! It was really cool to be able to share our beliefs and what I do as a missionary right before I went under haha. 

The past couple days have been quite difficult, not gonna lie. There have been times where I have literally just been so done because of the pain. What I thought would be a 2 day recovery is ending up to be a little longer than that. But I have faith and hope that I will be back to my old self again! 

I have felt a lot of love from all those around me! President and Sister Turvey came and visited me in our flat and talked to me for a bit. It was so thoughtful. One night someone knocked on our door and it was the elders in our area with dinner for us! So cute! Haha and then today the sisters brought their air mattress from their flat and I've just been sleeping and laying on it in the church. Lol good mems. 

One thing that I realised this week was how important taking the sacrament is for me. It's something that has helped me keep going. If you can make to Sunday you can make it through anything! Even though I was in so much pain & suffering Sunday morning I got up, got showered, and we went to church. We ended up leaving right after we took the sacrament because it was too much but I am so grateful I was able to take it and to remember what really matters. 

I know that Heavenly Father loves us & is always there cheering us on no matter what we are going through. Thank you for all the support, emails, and prayers! I wish I had the energy to email all of you back but know I appreciate them so much! 

Love, Sister Stevens 
the surg 

FHE with Josh and some less actives last Monday

came and brought brownies and sang the day after my surgery

My Pday