Monday, July 31, 2017

Missionary work continues in the hospital!

Hello everyone! 
This week has been hilarious to say the least!!!! I am grateful for all I have learned but I am also grateful it is over. I ended up back in the hospital again this week after a week full of horrible, horrible pain following my first surgery, but now it's all getting better. Slowly but surely. 

We mostly took it easy this week and stayed in Billingham with the other sisters so they could switch off staying with me. It was fun to talk to each of them and get to know them better. They all helped me so much and made me feel like a princess haha I am getting spoiled over here :)

Some favourite moments of this week:
The first was a couple hours after I came out of the operating room and I was starting to feel more with it. The nurse came in (she was so nice and friendly and helpful!) and we just started talking and then she asked us if we were Mormons! She said she knows some Mormons who go to the Billingham ward! And she was asking us questions and really open. It's funny because if I was in normal missionary clothes with my badge she probs wouldn't have wanted to talk but being in the hospital gave us a great opportunity to be less threatening and easier to talk to! 
Haha also minutes before I was being put under the anesthesiologist asked me all about the word of wisdom, it was great. 
Then when we finally came back to Darlington we were able to see our investigator from the Philippines. We had a great lesson and she came to church on Sunday! She has been investigating for quite a while and she finally came to church!! It was a miracle! She really enjoyed it and hopefully it will become a regular thing. 

I read a talk recently that President Turvey suggested we all read. It is by Elder Hamula from 2008 called, Winning the War Against Evil. I feel it can relate to all of us because none of us are exempt from Satan's temptations. He suggested some things that we can do to overcome Satan:
·       Pray as Joseph Smith did, earnestly and regularly. The more earnest and regular, the more frequent the revelation and answers. 
·       Learn the voice of the Lord. It's a still, small whisper and its felt more than it's heard. A lot of times He speaks to us through our thoughts, feelings, and impressions. 
·       Obey the word of the Lord, do what He asks no matter how hard it seems. When we do the will of the Father our knowledge and love increases and we will be more willing to follow Him. 
I have definitely seen Satan trying his hardest to get me to quit and give up. But I know that Heavenly Father is right there helping me stay strong and accomplish the things He has given me to do. I have seen that as I have applied these things to my own life (and as I am still applying them) I have become stronger. It's still a challenge each day but Heavenly Father will not give us anything we cannot overcome with His help. I am so so grateful for His love, grace, and help each day. 

We are having an all mission conference on Wednesday and Elder Ballard is coming! I am excited to hear his counsel and to see all my missionary friends before I go! Heavenly Father has blessed me and surrounded me with such great people. Glad we get to have one more reunion before I head home! 

I am looking forward to giving all I can these last 3 weeks. I know there are loads of miracles waiting! Hope you have a great week!
Sister Stevens 

 last week we went to the church one day between surgeries to watch church movies...trying to stay sane w the pain :0