Monday, February 29, 2016

Is this real life???

hah funny story.. so i flew to portland and i was supposed to go to amsterdam next but i had trouble with my luggage and missed my flight.. not really funny when it all happened because i was a stressed wreck but i'm all good now. after hours and hours trying to figure out how i can get to england today, they discovered the next flight to amsterdam is tomorrow morning sooooo they put me in a hotel in portland for the night. and i'm all by myself and it is so weird because i'm used to being with someone 24/7! haha everyone stares at me because my name tag and my 2 gigantic suitcases. i look like a joke. anyway so i walked over to get something to eat and got myself a diet coke which tasted delicious. i have missed it so much haha. but now i'm just chillin at the hotel waiting for it to be 10:30 so i can go to bed and get on with my traveling. but i got to call my mom and take a hot bath so its all been okay. the lord works in mysterious ways hahah for some reason i wasn't supposed to get there at the time i had planned. this day has been quite interesting lol. 
on the plane to portland i was felt prompted to read d&c 121, 122, and 123 when joseph smith was in liberty jail and it gave me so much comfort knowing i can do anything because god is with me. i felt like i was inspired to read that before i went through everything at the airport because i was so stressed but i just had to remember that god was with me and i am doing what i am supposed to be doing so he will guide me. read those sections! they are amazing. we as missionaries have so much power its crazy.
as i was watching people today my heart was breaking. i didn't have a phone or electronic device to distract me so i people watched a lot. and so many of them don't know the truth! this one lady asked why i had so much luggage and i said i was moving to england for 18 months and she thought i was going to a university. she had no idea who i was so i explained that i am going there to share my beliefs with people. she was like when you get time off do some traveling england is beautiful haha she left before i could say i won't be getting anytime off..
Love always,
Sister Stevens

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