Saturday, February 27, 2016

final email in the USA

Because we leave on monday morning early we have a little time to do laundry and while we are waiting i get to email for a sec :) 
first of all, thank you so much for all the treats!! we literally have boxes and boxes of candy and treats its unbelievable haha. but thank you! i have definitely felt the love from you. i have loved hearing about what is going on at home and i miss you guys so much! haha everyone is like you can tell no one in sister stevens' family loves her, jeez they don't send her anything! it was really funny. but they have enjoyed it trust me. 
tell Benny HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me!!!! i miss that little sucker so much. i can't believe he is 3! i remember the day he was born perfectly, it was one of the best days of my life! he has been such a blessing and i know he came to us for a reason. 
we were teaching an investigator named Leah and she was going on and on and on about everything that goes wrong in her life. and she literally went on for 15 minutes. i said to  her, i have no idea what you have felt and i have no idea what you have gone through and still are going through. i said that is has been really hard for me to  be on a mission. i told her about my little 2  year old brother who i had spent  like every day for the past month and a half with and how sad it was for me to be away from him and the rest of my family. i expressed to her that the only way i was able to be away from them for 18 months is because of my faith and because i know that we are all children of god. i know that god has a plan for us and he didn't make us to be sad a worry about all our problems all the time. i testified to her that jesus christ and heavenly father are always there for us whenever we need them. i keep thinking of the picture of jesus standing by a big door waiting to be let in because there isn't a door handle on his side. there is only a handle on our side. he is waiting for us to open the door and let him in. when we let him in, he can give us the comfort that we need because he has been there, he has suffered for us so why not let him take the pain away? his suffering was for no reason if we don't let him in! so my challenge for all of you this week is to let him in. pray for guidance and comfort and seek him out because he is everywhere. 
well, i have one more full day here in the USA. its still very surreal. all the sisters in my district are going to different places and my traveling time is defs the longest. i'm getting anxious to see what awaits me in england! 
thank you for all the prayers! i have felt so much comfort and peace. also pray for me that i won't embarrass myself in front of everyone at church tomorrow when I sing my solo....haha can't believe i'm doing that still. 
i love you family! you give me strength to do this! god is really shaping me to the person he wants me to be someday.
love always, sister stevens

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