Monday, April 10, 2017

Last General Conference as a full time Missionary

Wow! General Conference always comes at the most perfect time! I am so thankful for such inspired leaders and for our prophet who was able to speak to us. What a blessing to hear from him! 

I have felt so inadequate like I am not becoming the person Heavenly Father wants me to become. I have been so stressed about it but while I was listening to conference there were a lot of things that helped me and feel a lot of peace. As I prepared to receive guidance and instruction through prayer and fasting I recognised so much personal revelation. It didn't come how I expected it to and it wasn't something huge or new, but it went back to the simplicity of the gospel that I need to go back to as well.  I loved Elder Holland's talk, something he said really stuck with me, "come as you are, but don't plan to stay as you are". This brought me SO much peace. It made me realise how much Heavenly Father loves me for me! And He wants me to come to Him as I am and He is the one who will help me make the change He needs me to make.  He knows what each of our futures hold, He knows where I need to be and who I need to become. We can't be fearful about not being good enough, we just need to do what we can and TRY! He will make us the person He needs us to be when we just trust Him. We need to be confident that the Lord is with us. 

This week has been good! We've seen lots of great things happen!
A recent convert invited us over to meet her mom and sister and we were able to teach them! And then they came to general conference with us! We are planning to see them again.
We got in touch with a former investigator and its been really hard to set a time to meet with him but something told me to not give up on him. We finally were able to teach him and it was so. powerful. He is really struggling with a lot of different things and it is so clear how the gospel will help him. It is just a matter if he is willing to be patient and try it out! I think a lot of people are looking for a immediate answer to their problems and want relief right away but part of this life is learning patience and learning to endure. We all knew this life wouldn't be easy but we knew it was necessary to become more like our Father in Heaven. Patience and endurance is all part of the test. 
We don't have a car until I can get my license and the first day we didn't have it we ended up far from our home in the pouring rain haha. All we could do was laugh because neither of us know the area but it was funny. I don't know how I survived so much of my mission on foot! A car is such a luxury. But being on the bus and walking more on the streets we have been able to testify so much more about our Saviour. We have really been trying to listen to them and focus on how Christ can individually help. 
We taught some other great lessons and found some new investigators we are excited about! 

Some funny things that happened:
we get a call at 9pm the other night from the sisters saying our car will be picked up the following morning at 5:30AM. 5:30!!! You could say we've moved into our car which includes our own personal pantry. Therefore, this news was quite alarming.
Haha we also had a bril idea today...we had to get real clever considering how to get our food shop all the way home without a car. So, we brought a suitcase to put and transport our groceries in. We looked hilarious.

I'm thankful to be a missionary and the amazing experiences that come being apart of the Lord's work.
Have a great week!
Sister Stevens 

cleaning out our car at 9:30pm so the other sisters can come get it at 5:30am!!!

our 1st day without a car

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